Monday, January 16, 2012

"Show Me Your Craft Room" Blog Hop~

Hello everyone!
Im hosting my very 1st blog hop "Show Me Your Craft Room"
yayyyy super excited :) It will be on January 20~23
There is still room available, so if you would like to sign up
please email me!  Or if you prefer to just stop by and take
a peek where some of our fabulous CraFtERs all around the world create
just come on by and have a blast!


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for hosting the event. :-)

Lluvia Mata said...

Thankyou Brenda for being part of it! It will be so much fun :)

Creative Mine by Maria said...

I was so excited I just realized it starts the 20th...ha ha ha I was looking everywhere. I am to say the least looking forward to seeing everyone's wonderful scrapbook rooms and spaces.

Mindy Adams said...

Thanks so much for hosting this. I enjoyed following along and looking at everyone's spaces.

ScrapMyWay said...

I'm super excited to hop with you guys today. Your room is so fresh and CREATIVITY is jumping off your beautiful walls!. Love the quote on your wall, please detail it out for us . Thanks for taking on this BIG hosting task, I'm sure it will be a success!
Creative wishes & TFS,
Claire " DT Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop"

Lisa M Dwyer said...

I love your room!!!! - my friend Mindy sent me to your blog!!! my name is Lisa Dwyer

Tambo said...

Lluvia, your room is so homey. I love the couch. I often need time to sit and look at my magazines and wish I had some place to lounge like this in my room. I love going to GW to find things to transform. It is one of my favorite weekly stops. My tip is buy one of the organizer's that Joann sells that come with about 6 plastic storage cases. Take the cases out and use them for anything (I put 12 x 12 paper in mine) then fill the spaces with the plastic cases that hold the cricut carts. You can fit a lot into the space, they can be alphabetized and save a ton of room by getting rid of all the boxes. tfs Tami

Tambos Creations!

terri142 said...

Your space is beautiful! My tip is to have as many supplies as possible neatly in sight. If I put stuff away I forget I have it.

tderosa142 at gmail dot com

PerlillaPets said...

Your space is wonderful!! I love it!:) Thank you for hosting this event!

Brendanc said...

Thanks for hosting this blog. I love your craft space, well organized and love your colors.

Kimberly said...

love the colours... amazing space

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