Thursday, September 29, 2011

Butterfly Award

And the award goes to.........

Yayyyy I received this award from
Thankyou Joanie for choosing my blog Im soooooo happy!!!
I started this blog less than 2 months ago and I have gotten so much
love and support from friends, family and people that I have never met before.  Im thankful and blessed for everything....

In order to accept this award I must answer these questions:

Q1) Name your favorite color? Robin Egg Blue

Q2) Name your favorite song?  Fix You- Cold Play

Q3) Name your favorite dessert?  Pistachio Ice Cream

Q4) What annoys you at the moment? The new facebook lay-out ugh

Q5) Your favorite pet?  My dogs Biscuit and Cookie, they are my babies :)

Q6) Black or White?  Both. Polka dots, stripes, demask

Q7) Your biggest fear?  Something happening to my family

Q8) Best Feature?  My eyebrows lol seriously

Q9) Everyday attitude? Live like its your last day here on earth- I try to keep this attitude everyday but its very hard, i fail miserbly

Q10) What is perfection? God

Q11) Guilty Pleasure?  Anything sweet

Q12) When you're upset you?  I listen to my ipod and sing at the top of my lungs

Im going to pass this award to a very talented lady Emilia!  Its amazing how she creates these mini animal toppers and figurines.  You can see her work at
Emilia, you can give this award to anybody you think is worthy.  Then link back here and don't forget to paste the award to your blog.  And dont forget in order to accept the award you have to answer the questions!

Thanks for stopping by :)


PerlillaPets said...

Thank you so much for choosing my blog!! I’m so happy and honored to receive your award!! It was a wonderful surprise for me, congratulations for your blog and your beautiful creations, you are very talented!

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